Our Services

BRIO Translation offers English-to-French translation and comparative editing services as well as unilingual proofreading services in English or French. We specialize in financial and corporate documentation, including financial statements, management reports, press releases and promotional materials. But our expertise does not stop there. We are happy to cover other fields such as administration, training and human resources, to name just a few.


Are you interested in offering your services to a French-speaking customer base? Are you required to provide your documentation in both of Canada’s official languages? We can help. Send us your English copy and we will return you a polished French copy that keeps with the original’s style and format. All of our translations are subject to a quality control prior to delivery.

Comparative Editing

Is your text already translated into French? Have you made changes to your English copy and need to update the French version accordingly? Our English-to-French comparative editing service may be just what you need. An editor will ensure that the translation is true to the original English copy and save you from any potential misunderstandings.


After countless hours of intense proofreading, one reaches a point where they no longer spot errors, no matter how obvious they are. Get your text scrutinized by new eyes. Our English or French unilingual proofreading service is designed to spot grammar, spelling and syntax errors without altering the author’s unique style.